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Multi-Container Loading with Non-Convex 3D Shapes Using a GA/TS Hybrid

Philipp Nebel, Gunther Richter, Karsten Weicker
In: Proc. of the 2012 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, GECCO'12, Terence Soule et.al. (eds.), ACM, pp. 1143-1150, 2012.



A genetic algorithm is developed for a multi-container problem and integrated into a commercial software product. The considered problem is characterized by specific requirements, e.g. non-convex 3D shapes composed of several cuboids and a broad range of constraints. The algorithm uses the packing list as genotype, the first-fit heuristic for placing the items, and a set of problem-specific operators. The algorithm is tested on simple examples, benchmarks by Bischoff/Ratcliff and Loh/Nee, and real-world customer data. The proposed algorithm proves to be an all-rounder that excels on non-convex problems and delivers acceptable results on regular (benchmark) problems.



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