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Applied Mathematics


Graduates of the Bachelor degree programme in applied mathematics come not only with practice-oriented skills in mathematics and computer science but also with skills and expertise in the fields of operations research and stochastics. They generally find their jobs in

  • software and hardware companies,

  • institutions of the civil service and the public transport,

  • insurance companies, banks and financial service providers,

  • opinion research centres,

  • industrial, construction and trading companies, and

  • consultancies, training centres and institutes of further qualification.

In a second step of the consecutive course of studies, successful graduates may continue their studies in a Master degree programme in mathematics, computer science or another related discipline right after graduation or following a period of occupation. This means that the basic course objectives, practical training and applied computer based studies, apply for the Master programme, as well. According to the claim of German universities of applied sciences, these programmes follow a combined scientific and applied approach. In particular, the independent scientific work of students ensures a deep understanding of the relations between theoretical results and practical issues. Graduates of the Master degree programme in applied mathematics are qualified to deploy their expertise in specialized areas of mathematics and computer science to provide independent mathematical contributions in a combined team of different specialists or even to responsibly lead such teams. The best graduates may even continue their studies to earn a doctorate.

Graduates of the Master degree programme in applied mathematics match the formal requirement for employment in higher rank civil service classes.


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