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Foreign students

All courses offered by the Section Computer Science are held in German. Foreign students need German language skills at level C1. Information regarding the application procedure is provided at https://www.htwk-leipzig.de/studieren/vor-dem-studium.

Computer Science

The Bachelor’s Degree Course of Computer Science among others includes basic training in modeling, algorithms and data structures, programming languages, digital technology and software engineering. Further, the basics of mathematics, physics and technical English are taught. You can specialize in programming techniques, technologies for software systems or technical systems.

The Master’s Degree Course in Computer Science allows you to specialize in systematic software development, intelligent systems, parallel and distributed applications or scientific computing.

Media Informatics

Media Informatics is an applied computer science, which deals with digital information processing in media. In the Bachelor Degree Course Media Computer Science, modern concepts of computer science, digital communication techniques, multimedia and virtual reality are taught.

Library Computer Science is a field of study in the Bachelor Degree Course Media Computer Science and deals with the increasing digitization of knowledge and media knowledge resources. The focus lies on exchange processes of knowledge, technological realizations of information systems and related legal and security issues.

The Master’s Degree Course Media Computer Science offers a specialization in software development and system architecture, human-machine interaction or cross-media production.