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Vortrag: The why and how of Functional Reactive Programming with Java/Sodium

Datum 27.07.2016 15:30 - 17:00
Ort Gu 102
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Vortrag über funktionale und objektorientierte Programmierung von interaktiven Anwendungen, Vortrag in englischer Sprache. Anschließend Haskell-Stammtisch in der Südbrause. Interessenten sind herzlich eingeladen. - J. Waldmann.

Stephen Blackheath: The why and how of Functional Reactive Programming with Java/Sodium

Programming user interfaces is surprisingly difficult. Code written in the currently predominant style, event-driven programming and the observer pattern, has an uncanny tendency to quickly evolve into an unmaintainable mess, commonly referred to as "spaghetti code". Is there a better way?

Yes! Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) applies methods from functional programming to transform the event handling problem. This talk introduces FRP by example - a video game example and composable forms, showing how to write functional code in a non-functional language.

About the speaker: Stephen Blackheath is a professional developer and FRP advocate. He's theprimary author of the Sodium FRP library for Java.



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